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When you click the link below you will be taken to our members area where you can create your free login allowing you to download your lifetime free trial of BetHawk.

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Download bethawk Here

Once BetHawk is installed, you may navigate to the instruction manual located at

Start -> (All) Programs ->AceBots -> BetHawkNG -> BetHawk.pdf.

You can download the manual separately by clicking the following link


There are two parts to BetHawk. BetHawk Config & BetHawk Bet. BetHawk Config is the free system viewer and can be run by anyone. BetHawk Bet is for actual bet placement and can only be run by taking out a paid subscription. Running BetHawk Bet without a paid subscription will give an error message that your email is not registered. You will still be able to run BetHawk Config.

BetHawk Manual

Notes Before Downloading

BetHawk uses the Betfair betting exchange to place bets. You should ensure Betfair is available in your country before proceeding. BetHawk does not place any in-play bets.

Betfair is currently not available in the following countries

USA and any surrounding US territory
China & Hong Kong

If you do not have a Betfair account, you can click on the image to obtain a free £10 bet

Join Betfair Now

Additional Requirements

BetHawk uses the .NET 4 framework. You may already have this installed on your computer from a windows update but if you are not sure then please download and install from the Microsoft website using the following link. Please run windows update after instillation to check for any updates.

 Microsoft .NET 4 Download

Feel free to post any questions using the forum link at the top of the page. Our helpful members are only too willing to assist in answering questions.




*Ace Bots software cannot be held responsible for any future loss incured while using Ace Bots software. Please read the disclaimer section for details

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