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At Acebots we create professional semi & fully automated betting software, also known as a Betting Bot, to use on the Betfair betting exchange. This can be either our own "in house system" betting bots or a custom automated application for your own betting system. All our betting bots go though the full Betfair Approval process for your security and use Betfairs full vendor api to give a premium service.

Our Betting Bots


BetHawk is our flag ship in house system for use on the Betfair betting exchange that gives you a lot more choice on how you want to structure your betting. It allows multiple mirco systems to be placed into a completely automated betting portfolio all within one easy to configure application.



Have you a betting system that you know works, yet you cannot maximise that either due to not being able to place bets fast enough, not being able to work out the selections fast enough or you cannot be sat at the computer all day. We can design a custom application to run your system for you and place your bets on the Betfair betting exchange, fast and efficient with no selection or betting mistakes. If you know something works then make sure it works at it's full potential.



*Ace Bots software cannot be held responsible for any future loss incured while using Ace Bots software. Please read the disclaimer section for details

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